China steel market trend

China steel price trend depends on markeing needs

It is understood that in August the terminal needs to purchase admission in advance, resulting in steel prices in September orders decline, coupled with the month below the 5 million tons of steel exports, causing the imbalance between supply and demand in the steel industry, steel shock downstream. To the end of September, China’s domestic…

China steel mills

Analysis of China steel industry in 2013

2013 has a very important policy, the central bank is July 20 fully liberalized financial institutions lending rate controls. 2013 full-year deposit rate and interest rates are not adjusted, but in fact within the tight loose outside, in addition to strict housing credit policy, the inter-bank market also appeared nervous. In mid-2013, and marked the…

PPGI applications

PPGI and its general application

According to the survey data show that the flow volume is currently on the market are pre-painted steel industry, is coated on the basis of hot galvanized, electro-galvanized, Galvalume conducted on other materials, as profit margins, it is necessary to see that you are ready to do factory or traders, the steel industry Loaning are…

tin plate tea cans

Tin cans recovery in China need to be improved

The recovery of tin cans less than 30% in China, as there are in fact excessive packaging ban. 2007 through the validation of the “limit excessive packaging of goods General” mandatory national standard regulations, health care products, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, pastries, tea and other five categories of goods shall not be more than three layers…

tinplate canned food

Basic performance of tin plate

Light will lead to the deterioration of the food reactions, and it can also cause changes in protein and amino acids. Vitamin C by making it easier to light the role with other food ingredients, resulting in a huge loss. According to the research analysis showed transparent glass bottles of milk, vitamin C losses dark…

China metal packaging

China metal packaging industry foresee during 2013 and 2017

Metal packaging is an important part of China’s urban industry, reinforcing its unique nature, preservation of the seal, metal decorative charm and become irreplaceable traditional packaging. Its output accounts for about 10 percent of China’s packaging industry output value, mainly to provide support services for the food, canned food, beverages, oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics…

tin plate metal packaging

Six trends of metal packaging industry

Facing the future, living growing metal packaging environment, living in China to the Chinese packaging manufacturer to create bigger and stronger new context, we increasingly feel deeply, developing six major opportunities and challenges facing the industry: First trend: the polarization direction of the show, featureless intermediate state enterprises will quickly decompose, the industry continued to…

tinplate packaging cans

Tinplate metal developement and applications

Tinplate container has high strength, good formability, product compatibility and many other advantages. So, since two centuries ago, countries have generally pay attention to this kind of packaging containers, from shoe polish, paint, ink, lubricants, to various chemicals, dangerous goods, etc. are widely used. In particular, continue to improve the design and process modeling technology…

tinplate scrap

The use of tinplate scrap

Removal of other contaminants on the tin residues, currently has developed a shredding machine equipment, can effectively remove more than 98 percent of the pollutants, provide good quality scrap iron. In addition the United States has also pointed out that the presence of aluminum easy open system in favor of scrap metal and then, because…

tinplate for packaging

Tin plate packaging and its advantages

Tin plated sheet steel is commonly known, the English abbreviation for SPTE, refers to both sides of commercially pure tin plated cold-rolled carbon steel sheet or strip, also known as tinned iron. Tin mainly from the effect of preventing corrosion and rust. It strength and formability of steel and tin corrosion resistance, solderability and aesthetic…