Steel prices fell to nearly 12-year lows

On December 1, statistics show that so far, domestic steel average price index are unilateral downward trend, 25 to 2830 yuan/ton, a new low almost 12 years. A number of the personage inside course of study says, fade away since 2011 had winter market, this year will again. , “said a Shanghai iron and steel…

chongqing steel

Chongqing iron and steel for more than 400 million yuan subsidy funds

On December 25, chongqing iron and steel co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the chongqing iron and steel), according to the announcement received longevity in chongqing economic and technological development zone (hereinafter referred to as the “longevity by the open area) and longevity area finance bureau approval, respectively arranged 280 million yuan and 133 million…

iron ore

A sharp drop in iron ore imports to shipping market slump

Since the middle of October, has the dry bulk market barometer comprehensive as the Baltic freight index (BDI) continue to rise, to rise by more than 50%, shares, fund prices soared drive related industry. As it is considered that shipping is out of the woods, the shipping market has slumped again. As of December 19,…

new environmental law and steel

Steel prices fell by 0.6% last week

Monitoring according to the ministry of commerce, last week (December 15 to 21) 36 large and medium cities in China edible agricultural products market prices rose slightly, circulation of production prices continue to fall. Steel prices fell by 0.6%, the high speed wire rod and rebar prices fell by 1% and 1% respectively. Myspic composite…

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Steel industry may profit next year

“Iron and steel enterprises differentiation is intensifying, only change ideas, deepen the internal reform, actively respond to changing market conditions, to realize sustainable development in the evolution of market competition.” The China iron and steel association, vice President and secretary general Mr Zhang pointed out recently, accompanied by the reform, the dividends of the strengthening…

environmental law effects steel industry

New environmental reversed transmission steel industry is unprecedented

An unprecedented new environmental reversed transmission in the steel industry. When reporters learned that even said baosteel such benchmarking enterprise, some indicators standard is difficult. But the personage inside course of study and relevant experts believe that steel industry should find “method and the market regulation mechanism, different from the previous single administrative power control,…

tinplate badge

Introduction to the tinplate badge

Tinplate, also called tin-coated, due to the surface covered with a layer of strong corrosion resistance of tin and have very good protection effect, is not easy to rust and corrosion. Tin plating is a surface with a layer of tin, it is not easy to rust, also called tin-coated. Will iron made by dipped…

tinplate base metal

In November 9.72 million tons of steel exported

According to the general administration of customs, according to the latest figures in November 2014, China’s steel exports of 9.72 million tons, monthly exports hit a record high, from the previous month an increase of 1.17 million tons, rose 13.68%, up 94.4% from a year earlier. November 1 – China’s exports of steel 83.61 million…

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Steel companies financing costs are incredibly high

In steel demand forecasting results in 2015 conference, iron and steel industry experts, metallurgical industry planning institute director li xinchuang pointed out that iron and steel enterprises in financing faced “incredible high-interest loans”, calling for blood banking for the market, create objective environment conducive to the development of industry. Li xinchuang said, there is excess…

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Boron steel driven steel exports to an all-time high

In November 2014, according to customs data, China’s steel exports of 9.72 million tons, monthly exports hit a record high, from the previous month an increase of 1.17 million tons, rose 13.68%, up 94.4% from a year earlier. Our country imported steel 1.13 million tons, November month on an increase of 40000 tons, rose 3.67%,…