tinplate base metal

Main raw materials of tinplate

Tinplate base metal Low carbon steel is rolled in Angle steel, channel steel, i-steel, steel pipe, steel belt or steel plate, used to produce various building components, containers, boxes, furnace and agricultural machinery, etc. High quality low carbon steel rolled into sheet, production car cab, hood and other deep drawing products; Also rolled into a…

china steel demand 2014

China Steel prices may rebound after the National Day holidays

The following elements may explain that why China steel prices may rebound after the National Day holidays: 1, October steel prices can be expected to climb September, China’s iron and steel industry as a whole continues August decline, in unilateral downward trend, and decline again in late September to expand and refresh the lowest level…

China steel production

Export is not resolved steel overcapacity “panacea”

In the domestic steel overcapacity, a prolonged slump in steel prices in the larger environment, China’s total steel exports has bucked the market trend. Platts provides data show that as of July this year, China’s steel exports reached 49.07 million tons, an increase of 36.9%. Forecast this year, China‘s steel exports will be a new…

Galvanized steel sheet

Galvanized steel sheet categories

According to production and processing methods PPGI can be divided into the following categories: a) hot-dip galvanized steel. The steel sheet was immersed in molten zinc bath, the adhesion to the surface layer of zinc sheet steel. At present, continuous galvanizing production process, namely the continuous rolls of steel dipped in melted zinc plating bath…

Galvalume steel coil characteristic

Galvalume steel characteristics

1 Corrosion resistance: “55% aluminum-zinc coated steel coils,” barrier layer corrosion protection from aluminum, and zinc sacrificial protection. When trimming zinc, scratches, abrasions and partly for the sacrificial coating, the aluminum will form an oxide layer does not dissolve, to play the barrier protection. Galvalume alloy steel volumes in a variety of different atmospheres, for…

tinplate packaging cans

Why do tinplate cans is a better material

Make use of metal cans, covered in shiny silver, really beautiful. This is because the light dip tin in tin outside wearing a “tin gowns,” people call this metal as “tin.” On the “tin” the origins of the old name, reportedly because of past foreign businessmen enter this metal from China’s Tibet Ali Ministry horses…

China tinplate development trend

Tinplate develpment in China

Tinplate packaging due to its good seal, preserved nature, dark, robustness and unique decorative metal charm, determine that it has extensive coverage of the industry in packaging containers, packaging is common international varieties. With a variety of CC tinplate material, DR material, chrome plated and constantly enrich and promote the development of packaging products and…

painted tinplate

Basic principle of the tank surface coated tinplate

The inner surface of the container when the coating cans is tinplate before cutting the blank into a can body, with a paint roller in a suitable machine a smooth surface of the plate on the tin coating to a uniform thickness of the coating can be controlled. The coater coating operations can be carried…

tinplate application packaging cans

Tinplate can is a art of life

In my daily life, are exposed to iron products, iron products there are many types, the most common is the tin, although the “tin” is the word many people have never heard of, but tinplate wholesale small to give you an example, you suddenly realize that we live in canned food, use is tinplate. Today…

SGS Steel quality inspection report

Steel quality inspection report reading tips

1. Carbon (C): carbon content in steel increases, the yield point and tensile strength increased, but lower ductility and impact resistance, when the carbon content exceeds 0.23%, weldability deteriorate, resulting in low alloy for welding structural steel, carbon content generally less than 0.20%. It also reduces the amount of carbon steel, high resistance to atmospheric…