tinplate packaging food cans

Tin box of coatings

Coating according to the product. Such as ham can of printing, the sulfur resistance of coating should be chosen in aluminum powder paint, general antirust can choose epoxy phenolic kind coating. Besmear is outside the designs according to the customer to decide. Such as tin box, candy box, moon cake box to prevent edge tao…

steel price trend

The European steel mills are still maintain price stability

This week, the European plate volume market weakness. Steel mills are still keep prices stable, but most of the buyers expected prices to fall further, a drop of about 10 to 20 euros/ton, markets wait-and-see mood is thicker. At present, the local hot rolled and cold rolled delivery base respectively 415-420 euros/ton and 420-510 euros/ton,…

China TFS exports in 2013

Steel market in a new round of recovery

China’s biggest advantage is that the size of the iron and steel production. Fierce competition between Chinese steel producers, they had to squeeze profits, China’s huge steel exports to reduce prices forcing foreign competitors to lower prices, caused numerous complaints from Seoul to South Africa, which will herald the beginning of a trade dispute. According…

china steel demand 2014

Chinese steel sentiment index to a record low in November

Although in the first three quarters of steel mills profit rebound, but the Chinese steel industry is still not out of the plight of downturn. Platts, according to the latest figures on November the Chinese steel mood just 25.61 points, down 12.5 points, compared with October. This has been in May 2013 the index to…

China tinplate development trend

A boom in exports or trigger a global trade war

Entered since 2014, commodities across the board. Has “bargain” product of iron and steel industry, although recently usher in a wave of rebound, but the industry generally believe that steel prices bottomed out of sight. Experts in the previous 2014 (5th) China commodity trading market development on the BBS said, “now the upstream downstream almost…

hot rolled sheet

Mexico will throw 18.4 billion iron and steel industry in the next two years

Mexican chamber of commerce, said an official with the main iron and steel industry enterprises to cope with the demand caused by the reform of energy, iron and steel industry in Mexico over the next two years will invest $3 billion (RMB 18.3753 billion). Mexican newspaper news in one thousand, Mexico’s steel industry, said an…

tinplate base metal

Hebei steel will be holding the world’s largest steel trade

On September 13 – the largest output in China’s iron and steel enterprises to hebei iron and steel group holdings, the world’s largest steel trade ShangRuiShi venerable holding companies, international trade transaction value of about $400 million, is expected to be signed before the end of the formal agreement. Hebei iron and steel group general…

Iron ore price compare

Iron ore prices decline

Cisa statistics show that in the first three quarters of this year, the domestic iron ore, ore production 1.123 billion tons, year-on-year increase of 75.8606 million tons, up by 7.24%, the domestic iron ore production of 137 million tons, in September fell 0.36% year on year, the domestic iron ore production. Iron ore supply In…