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U.S. steel imports rose 41.8% from a year in October

The U.S. department of commerce, according to data released in October 2014, the United States steel imports of 3.99 million tons, rose 12.8%, up 41.8% from a year earlier. October 1 – the United States imported steel 33.53 million tons, up 36.6% from a year earlier. Varieties of points, compared with last year in October,…

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Turkish rebar export to the United States offer down

Affected by the decline in home prices, Turkish rebar export price continued to fall this week, traders have begun to order Turkey resources in the United States. Nearly two weeks, Turkey’s steel mills are cutting rebar prices, including main long products factory Icdas steel plant in Turkey last week cut its domestic rebar prices $16…

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Russia galvanized coil enlargement of both the supply and demand

According to the coating plate roll manufacturers Lysva, forecast Russia galvanized coil terminal consumption may exceed 3.2 million tons this year, increase 4% than last year. Including supply caitu Russian galvanized coil consumption amounted to 4.8 million tons, an increase of 4.5%. Expected this year Russia’s domestic steel mills to produce 4.4 million tons of…

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Steel market in 2015

Looking ahead to 2015 Chinese steel market situation, while crude steel demand growth slowed, but because base contrast enhancement, its size is still huge, will leap 900 million tons, exports (direct and indirect export) of not less than 200 million tons. In demand and gained market share competition, under the dual role of the national…

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Hebei iron and steel investment growth to 5.4% in the first half of the year

In the first half of this year, hebei industrial investment and technical reform gradually picks up, the technical innovation investment relatively fast growth, technological transformation projects under construction Numbers keep rising. The seven leading industry in addition to the iron and steel industry, which implements the growth. In the case of growth is stabilizing embodies…

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To a reversed transmission steel and other traditional industries to upgrade

Local government and state-owned enterprises increased tensions due to environmental problems And previous governments rush to “split” state, in recent years been the local government and state-owned enterprises “turned”, local government and the relationship between the state seems to is quietly changing. Recently, according to reports, shaanxi yulin and yanan two cities that need to…

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Iron ore fell to USD70

According to the related to iron ore price index, on November 19, parked in the $70.25 mark. “Daily economic news” reporter learned that, in the industry have had ore price “7” predictions, some analysis and even think that the bottom of the iron ore prices in the $60. So, tons of price cost at more…

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Steel exports hit a record high

On the one hand, overcapacity in the domestic market, dead; On the other hand, the international market is fruitful. According to the general administration of customs statistics, this year October 1 – China’s exports of steel 73.89 million tons, up 42.2% from a year earlier, a number that has more than 62.34 million tons for…

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APEC Impacts on Shandong Steel Market

World-beating 11th APEC meeting ended in Beijing and fine count the meeting for the influence of hong kong-listed, not is small, the first is the hebei tangshan area so the steel plant shut down maintenance, and neighboring provinces and the area of steel mills and the downstream site production shutdown in succession, can say in…

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The properties and application of tin

The discovery of tin and use can be traced back to prehistoric times, played a role of human civilization; Bronze; Age, is marked by the use of tin copper alloy bronze Tin is silvery white metal, symbol of Sn, Ⅳ A clan in the periodic table, atomic number 50, atomic weight of 118.69. Tin tin…