steel price decrease

Monthly decline in steel prices hit 14 months of the most

Summer in August, the domestic steel market has fallen into baizhang ice as deep, market atmosphere deserted, the price all the way down. Data show that from July 31 to yesterday, the composite price index of domestic steel fell sharply from 3220 yuan / ton to 3,000 yuan / ton, MoM decline 6.52% year on…

private steel cash flow

Private steel enterprises financial situation is not optimistic

October 16, reporters from all over the United small metallurgical enterprises Chamber of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as metallurgical Chamber of Commerce) has learned, Shanxi Haixin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. has entered a debt restructuring program, in addition to some private steel companies are also facing financial risk. According to statistics metallurgy Chamber…

steel price trends

Production and inventories were reduced, steel price increases

After entering in September, spot steel prices to accelerate the loose, mill profits shrink rapidly, currently has about half of the steel mills face a loss situation, steel production enthusiasm declined. According to CISA latest statistics, both steel production and inventory reduction, which helps stabilize the spot steel market rebound. Tangshan billet prices continue to…

tinplate productions

Iron and steel enterprises should accelerate mergers and acquisitions

Also fell, still down! Enter 2014, the downward trend in steel prices remain stable. In the first half, the focus Statistics steel prices steel sales settlement price to 3212 yuan / ton, equivalent to 1.6 yuan per kilogram, the price is almost the same with the supermarket cabbage; late August, Steel Association, steel composite price…

steel productions

Recent changes in steel field

Steel prices continue differentiation policy. Previously, the western, northern prices, the eastern region of the case in September fell ex-factory price of steel appear. Recently, the introduction of a new round steel mills steel prices policy also appeared differentiation phenomenon. Some mills an early change prices continue downward trend appears tentative pull up. For example,…

steel sheets view

Steel prices constantly rises

According to the feedback information in the sales, an operator at the beginning of the “silver ten”, hong kong-listed start though not start, but the basic normal trading conditions. A steel trade company salesman told China metallurgical newspaper reporter in an interview, on the first day after the National Day, construction steel sales can also,…

tinplate application packaging cans

China tinplate products technical analysis

1, strengthen promotion function expected sales packaging is the mainstream of the future To brand customer demand as the guidance, to promote sales as the goal, make to protective packaging, functional and decorative convenience four one direction. Such as to enhance the shelves in the visual strike force From a single centralized standard tank production…

tinplate industry chain

Tinplate industry chain analysis

Tinplate application is very extensive, from the food and beverage packaging material to the oil cans, chemical cans, and other miscellaneous cans, advantages and characteristics of tinplate provide contents on the physical and chemical properties of good protection. 1. The canned food Tin can ensure food hygiene, minimize the possibility of *, effectively block the…

china tinplate production

China tinplate production analysis

The overall size of tin industry in 2010, the domestic demand for all kinds of tinplate cans of about 700 billion a year, quite a number of raw materials imported. Rise with the enlargement of the market gap, tinplate industry trends, market size by 2011 to 26.94 billion yuan. 2008-2011, big small and medium-sized domestic…

tin cans

tinplate base metal and tin price from 2009 to 2012

1, the iron ore supply situation in our country Main sources of iron ore in China, including domestic and imported ore, domestic ore from the iron and steel enterprise has its own mines and independent mining enterprises, import ore mainly from countries such as Australia, Brazil and India. (1) China’s iron ore, ore production continues…