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Steel association metallurgical equipment branch established

On November 28th, the Chinese iron and steel industry association metallurgical equipment branch (hereinafter referred to as the metallurgical equipment branch) founding conference was held in shijiazhuang city, hebei province. The China iron and steel association, vice President and secretary general Mr Zhang said at the meeting: “metallurgical equipment branch arises at the historic moment,…

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Manzhouli port steel exports increased

1 – October this year, according to manzhouli customs manzhouli port exports of steel 184000 tons, year-on-year increase of 0.7%; Value 1.03 billion yuan, down 2.8%; Export average price is 5632 yuan per ton, down 3.4%. Manzhouli port steel products all export to Russia. From the way of trade, general trade as the leading export,…

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Market volume manufacture in 2015 to stronger

In 2014, the domestic manufacture market fall finale basic is a foregone conclusion, December is expected to market volatility before and after the Spring Festival. As of the end of November manufacture volume has dropped below the price of low in nearly 10 years, from 2013, contradiction between supply and demand more highlights. In the…

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China steel export breaks 80 million MT

Experts said the foreign anti-dumping will not affect the domestic iron and steel exports According to relevant statistics show that in January – in October this year, China’s steel exports totaled 79.3 million tons, including steel exports in September and October are more than 8.5 million tons, in order to level, China’s steel exports exceed…

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Steel prices fell 29% in two years

Han Weidong recently, Lange steel net, senior experts said on “the 2014 annual meeting of Lange steel”, although the price of steel this year appeared a lot of unexpected movements, but comprehensive analysis, steel prices also having a tough time next year. According to relevant data show that since the beginning of the year, the…

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Can the central bank reduction of interest help steel industry

This is the best of times, but also the worst of times. For steel mills, the current is tighten my belt. Since the second half of last year, have hisin, Westwood steel, chuan wei steel companies fall into the predicament of the capital chain rupture. Once money iron and steel industry is now the worst…

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China steel export mainly focus on Asia

China steel is “erosion” around the world. An economic slowdown and overcapacity led to filled with steel in the domestic market began to go overseas, the first 10 months of this year’s steel exports hit a record high, more than in 2007. “Deflation” steel from China could spread all over the world. On December 1,…

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Thyssenkrupp’s return to profit in three years

Germany thyssenkrupp group said, after three consecutive years of losses, fiscal year 2013-14 (October 2013 – September 2014) to return to profitability, or from loss for the last fiscal year 16 euros to turn a profit of 195 million euros. In addition to the American steel business, other business departments shall contribute on the improvement…

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Posco may supply for Volkswagen automobile steel plate in the next year

Is South Korea’s posco and Volkswagen automobile steel plate supply for talks, signed an agreement and may this year, starting in 2015 is expected to supply Volkswagen car plate, the annual supply of about 5-70000 tons, used as a car plate. At present, posco to Volkswagen company is located in Mexico, India, China and in…

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Steel export policy adjustment idea and impact analysis

Media reported recently, cisa authorities outside the industry conference, according to the years, the government will cancel the steel export tax rebate policy. While cisa press conference on October 29th are also put forward: “export low value-added products do not accord with our country’s current economic development needs, will bring the export policy adjustment”. The…