Electrolytic Tinplate

The origin of tinplate is from Bohemian, from 14th century, the people there began to produce tinplate. Also known as electrolytic tinplate, which stand for tin coating on the surface of cold rolled coil for preventing rust. The unique characteristics of tinplate steel decides its comprehensive range of application in international tinplate packaging industry. With the abundance extend of CC and DR steel material, and tin free steel, which enhance the development of technology of packaging industrialization, the innovation is ubiquitous in tinplate steel.

The feature of anti-oxidation, various kinds and beauty in printing enable tinplate enjoys widely usage in food can package, pharmaceutical package, daily application packing, apparatus package and industrial pack.

From the first food can to be produced in the year of 1810 in British, the development trend of tinplate has become thinner thickness and less tin coating to adjust the change of can industry and save cost.

To meet the requirement of international tinplate steel market, Mirach Metallurgy has engaged new development phase, and the innovation of quality development brings more market space for both Chinese domestic market and overseas tinplate market, from 2010, more than 80% volume from Mirach has been exported to international market.

Mill Brief Info
Europe 29%
North America 24%
South America 17%
Asia 15%
Oceania 10%
Africa 5%

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Tin Free Steel

  • 1810: The first tinplate can was produced in British and applied patent.
  • 1847: The machine for manufacturing tinplate packaging cans was made in USA to replace artificial working.
  • 1900: The electrolytic welding technology were introduced.
  • 1950: China began to produce tin plate in the first five-year-plan
  • 1960: SINOLIGHT steel branch began to produce tinplate steel material
  • 1990: The tinplate from SINOLIGHT can meet latest can making for 1000 cans per minute.
  • 2010: Mirach Metallurgy was established for SINOILIGHT tinplate overseas market.
Beijing Production Base Tel: +86-10-64778685        Fax: +86-10-64776869 Add: SINOLIGHT Mansion, Qi Yang Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing, China.

    Chongqing Sales Branch Tel: +86-23-67025810        Fax: +86-23-67025817 Email: info@mirachmetallurgy.com Add: No.6/F14, Building 9, North Bank Sun Town St.No.1, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, China.

Products Specialities

Healthy safety for food can application such as milk powder can

Mirach tinplate MR grade steel strictly control the content of phosphorus≤0.015% and Sulfur≤0.05%, and all unhealthy elements are controlled within FDA standard.

Purity of tin and coating technical guarantee excellent corrosion resistance

Tin purity ≥99.50% and coating technician guarantee equally tin coating for all surface coverage and no color difference especially for tomato can, tunny can, salmon can.

Pinhole inspection and flatness control of tinplate sheet

The QA processing will take inspection for every tinplate sheet or TFS sheet, and each sheet is zero pinhole for end users. Curve no more than 1mm in any 1000mm.

Deep drawing properties for aerosol can, painting can and filter can

The elongation control and exact temper control to adjust deep drawing or even extra deep drawing requirement for industrial application.

Double sides PVC film protection for PPGI products

Provide 50 mic PVC film protection film for both prepaitned galvanized steel coil and prepainted galvalume steel coil for preventing surface defect.

Grade and structure guarantee PPGI application of roof, corrugated sheet and household appliance

As an integrated manufacturer, Mirach controls the steel grade and its internal structure from hot rolled processing, cold rolled, coating and final package.



Cold reduced electrolytic tinplate coil and sheet, thickness from 0.125~0.17mm for double reduce and 0.175~0.60mm for single reduce. Grade MR, L and D, 99.95% of tin purity, width 600~1250mm.


tin free steel

Tin Free Steel

Cold reduced electrolytic chromium or chromium oxide coated steel and strip, the type andsize range available is the same with tinplate product, chromium coating 50-150g per square meter, oxide maximum 35g.




Prepainted galvanized steel coil or galvalume steel coil, grade up to CGCC570 in JIS G3312, equivalent in ASTM A653 CS to SS550, zinc coating G60-G275, 5 mic primer plus 20 mic with PVC protection film.


FAQ about Tinplate, TFS and PPGI

What’s your capability per month?

Answer: Tinplate Steel & Tin Free Steel is 20000 MT for each per month. PPGI is 40000 MT per month.

What’s your MOQ?

Answer: Different products, different MOQ. Tinplate Steel should be 50MT, the TFS is 50MT, and the PPGI sheet or PPGI coils  is 100MT.

How long is your Delivery Time?

Answer: Regularly, tinplate Steel & Tin Free Steel is 45 days, and the PPGI coils / sheet is 30 days.

What’s your way of Packaging?

Answer:For Coil: Eye to wall and eye to sky are both available on wooden pallet with fumigation marks. For Sheet: Fixed with steel belt. Each pallet no more than 1500kgs.

What’s your Payment Terms?

Answer: T/T (30% Payment in Advance + 70% B/L) and L/C at Sight is accepted under UCP600

What’s your Trade Terms?

Answer: CFR, CIF, FOB (Forwarder’s Certificate is required) Under Incoterms 2010.

Whether your price is connection to the international steel price?

Answer: Mirach’s steel price fluctuates with international market. But also affected by domestic policy, such as Tax subsidiary.

Can you provide the special size product which is not within common size?

Answer: Special size of tinplate products, Tin Free Steel and PPGI can be supplied as long as the size is within Mirach’s machine design limitation. Mirach’s cold rolling Machine is designed only for rolling tin mill black plate, the design rolling width is 2050mm, made in China. Electronic control process is from SIEMENS made in Germany.

Can you accept another payment terms except T/T and L/C?

Answer: CAD, D/P, D/A, O/A can not be accepted unless there’s relative Insurance Company provides guarantee.

Can you accept Usance Letter of Credit?

Answer: Usance L/C 30~180 Days can be accepted, but the importers will pay the Interest based on LIBOR.