Tin Plate Size Available

Black Plate Normal Thickness Normal Width Normal Length (Sheet)
Single Reduce 0.17 ~ 0.55mm 700 ~ 1200mm 500 ~ 1168mm
Double Reduce 0.12 ~ 0.36mm


Tinplate Temper Grade

Black Plate Box Annealing Continuous Annealing
Single Reduce T-1, T-2, T-2.5, T-3 T-1.5, T-2.5, T-3, T-3.5, T-4, T-5
Double Reduce DR-7M, DR-8, DR-8M, DR-9, DR-9M, DR-10

Mirach Tin plate Features

Excellent Corrosion Resistance: By selecting a proper coating weight, appropriate corrosion resistance is obtained against container contents.

Excellent Paintability & Printability: Printing is beautifully finished using various lacquers and inks.

Excellent Solderability & Weldability: Tin plate is widely used for making various types of cans by soldering or welding.

Excellent Formability & Strength: By selecting a proper temper grade, appropriate formability is obtained for various applications as well as the required strength after forming.

Beautiful Appearance: Electrolytic tinplate is characterized by its beautiful metallic luster. Products with various kinds of surface roughness are produced by selecting the surface finish of the substrate steel sheet.

Tin Plate Surface

Finish Surface Roughness Alm Ra Features & Applications
Bright 0.25 Bright finish for general use
Stone 0.40 Surface finish with stone marks that make printing and can-making scratches less consplcuous.
Super Stone 0.60 Surface finish with heavy stone marks.
Matte 1.00 Dull finish mainly used for making crowns and DI cans (unmelted finish or tinplate)
Silver (Satin) —— Rough dull finish mainly used for making artistic cans (tinplate only, melted finish)

Oiling: if no engagement, tinplate are electro statically oiled with DOS.

tinplate products oiling

Tinplate Products Special Requirement

Slitting tinplate Coil: width 2 ~ 599mm available after slitting with precise tolerance control.

Coated and prepainted tinplate: according to customers’ color or logo design.

The temper/hardness comparison in different standard

Standard GB/T 2520-2008 JIS G3303:2008 ASTM A623M-06a DIN EN 10202:2001 ISO 11949:1995 GB/T 2520-2000
Temper Single reduced T-1 T-1 T-1 (T49) TS230 TH50+SE TH50+SE
T1.5 —– —– —– —– —–
T-2 T-2 T-2 (T53) TS245 TH52+SE TH52+SE
T-2.5 T-2.5 —– TS260 TH55+SE TH55+SE
T-3 T-3 T-3 (T57) TS275 TH57+SE TH57+SE
T-3.5 —– —– TS290 —– —–
T-4 T-4 T-4 (T61) TH415 TH61+SE TH61+SE
T-5 T-5 T-5 (T65) TH435 TH65+SE TH65+SE
Double reduced DR-7M —– DR-7.5 TH520 —– —–
DR-8 DR-8 DR-8 TH550 TH550+SE TH550+SE
DR-8M —– DR-8.5 TH580 TH580+SE TH580+SE
DR-9 DR-9 DR-9 TH620 TH620+SE TH620+SE
DR-9M DR-9M DR-9.5 —– TH660+SE TH660+SE
DR-10 DR-10 —– —– TH690+SE TH690+SE