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Scale plate crack MR material abrasion tinplate production problems

Recently, the news from hebei iron and steel group scale plate abrasion, MR tin substrate material plate type bad problem was successfully overcome and heavy flat rate decreased from 4.08% to 4.08%, and the basic stability zone plate type after plating, MR material for the future laid a good foundation stable production in large quantities.…

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China tinplate market research for 2012-2016

Look from the raw material market, China’s tin industry with large state-owned enterprises, joint ventures for investment main body of the level of enterprise production capacity is 3.2 million tons, 2011, the annual output of 2.39 million tons; Secondary enterprise investment subject to private enterprises, production capacity is 2.4 million tons, 2011, the annual output…

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Why tinplate cans for tea packaging

Tin is one of the most commonly used in the metal packaging material, can use different tinplate material, different printing process, has the strong metal texture, beautifully printed, the structure is exquisite, the product has good strength, easy to transport, green environmental protection, low prices (compared with aluminum, copper and other materials), at the same…

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Tinplate packaging reputation

Tinplate packaging due to its good sealing and preservation, avoid light, strong and unique metal decorative charm, determines its packaging container industry has extensive coverage, is the international general packaging varieties. As tin CC materials, DR materials, chromium plated iron constantly enrich, to promote the packaging products and technology development, tinplate packaging full of innovation.…

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Tinplate life cycle data is established for the eu standards

European steel packaging association (APEAL) issued by the evaluation of tinplate life cycle inventory (LCI), and is the eu based database (ELCD) life cycle. ELCD is the new database, the evaluation system of the life cycle by the European commission on February 6, 2014. The user can obtain reliable ELCD database through a network of…

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New ways to steel trade business

According to relevant data shows, represented by maanshan iron and steel enterprise profit since July, prices went up and up most of the iron and steel enterprises of steel, iron and steel enterprise operating condition gradually warming. Under this background, the steel trade and business operation conditions of whether there is a warming trend? Recently,…

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Not just a steel electric business platform

Steel electricity after has experienced the development of blowout, has become a has more than 100 members of the group, according to incomplete statistics, only in the Shanghai area, there are nearly 30 steel electric business. And many steel electric company, is Shared by only 10% of the total domestic steel trade, competition is intense,…

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Steel mills marketing era of big changes

In the face of increasingly fierce competition, product homogeneity of iron and steel enterprises have increased the importance of marketing work, by increasing the number of foreign distributors, to speed up to improve the proportion of direct selling products, actively expand target customers targeted strong national product sales network, increase the intensity of sales promotion…

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Indian steel companies continue to promote the expansion

India JSW steel recently announced that in the next 10 years will cost $22 billion expansion, crude steel production capacity from the current 14.3 million to 2015 tons to 40 million tons, in order to maintain market share of 13% to 14%. In accordance with the Indian government’s vision plan, by 2025 crude steel production…

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Hot steel market review

Recently the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology informed, to guide the healthy development of the steel industry, the Ministry of the year will do the revision of the steel industry policy. Industrial policy will clear the revised restructuring as the main line of development of the next decade, helping leading enterprises bigger and stronger…