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Tinplate in China Metal Packaging

Tinplate high value-added steel products, mainly for the packaging industry, due to its good sealing and preservation, avoid light, strong and unique metal decorative charm, determines its packaging container industry has extensive coverage, is the international general packaging varieties, application in packaging industry in our country is developing rapidly. Metal packaging container products mainly for…

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Hebei steel factory find out the way to South Africa

The BBS Chicago newspaper on December 29, the article, the original problem: Beijing began to say goodbye to the “made in China” For China, a large state-owned steel mills, the domestic economic slowdown, increasingly fierce competition, and the smoke of their factory is widespread. Over the past 30 years of profitable business model gradually ineffective.…

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Vietnam steel continues to face difficulties in 2015

The Vietnam steel in 2015 is expected to continue to face difficulties, because supply exceeds demand, at the same time facing the fierce competition in the Chinese and Russian products. Some steel mills says Vietnam Vietnam – and white customs union free-trade agreements (VCUFTA) took effect, the imported steel tariffs by Russia, enterprise management will…

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Japan steel into exports fell in November

According to the Japan iron and steel union (JISF) data, Japan steel imports in November of 350000 tons this year, fell 22.1%. Among them, the south Korean imports of 221000 tons, fell 29.2% year on year; Since Taiwan imports 82000 tons, fell 19.5% year on year; Since China imported 42000 tons, up 49.3% from a…

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Han Guochu cutting h-beam is dumping in China

According to bloomberg, citing local media “the south Korean economic news” reported that South Korea preliminary determination dumping h-beam in China. Anti-dumping duty rate estimates will be set at 17.69% – 32.72%. Reported that the south Korean government will make a final decision in March next year. South Korea h-beam market size of 2.5 trillion…

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Hebei iron and steel industry PMI rebounded sharply

PMI in December 2014, hebei iron and steel industry is 48.2%, rose by 6.1%, 8 consecutive months contract. New orders and output index rebounded, finished product material inventory continues to fall. Hebei steel mills in December’s new orders index was 46.7%, rose by 7.6%. Recent macroeconomic data show that domestic economy is still not optimistic,…


The rebar buyers expected demand growth in 2015 in the USA

According to the concrete reinforced society (CRSI) data, is expected to rebar consumption year-on-year growth of 8% in the year 2015, but buyers worry rebar supply can’t keep up with demand. CRSI prime minister, said Bob Risser rebar the United States this year is expected to total 8.1 million tons, up 7.5% from a year…

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Boron steel export tax rebates cancellation

On December 31 of the state council executive meeting, the review by the law of the People’s Republic of China government procurement regulations (draft), the meeting also decided to improve the export tax rebate mechanism, promote the foreign trade of qualitative, reasonably adjust some products export tax rebate rate, pollution existing in the production process…


USA faces downward pressure in steel plate market

Over the past month, the United States in the heavy plate prices have dropped $40 / ton, opened plate price is now $760 / ton, the peak in August has fallen $120 / ton or so, a new low since December 2013. At the end of November, the U.S. service center inventories hit a record…