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Steel industry upgrading is imperative

As steel power in our country, the economic development of the steel demand is bigger, quite a long period of production is first in the world for many years, but the iron and steel industry technical level and material consumptions and there are gaps when compared with the international advanced level, development focus on technological…

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Tinplate demand in China

With the improvement of people’s living standard in our country, the increasing demand in recent years, domestic tinplate, also a sharp increase to 4.4 million t. But in the per capita consumption, tinplate market in China is far from saturated. According to statistics, per capita consumption of system of tinplate packaging (mainly refers to beverages,…

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Domestic tin plating substrate gap

Tinplate as a packaging material, its production process complicated and require high technical level, manufacture is difficult and the quality requirement is very strict. Smelting, hot rolling, cold rolling, annealing, tin plating process directly affects the quality of the final product. Currently DI, K plate of high-grade tin plating substrate in addition to domestic baosteel,…

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Tinplate price tend to go down

This week to maintain domestic tinplate market weakness, due to the specification limits, individual specifications price fluctuate. Tianjin, at present each big steel mill order situation is bad, individual steel mills to suspend production line, and understand from downstream, many cans domestic enterprises have basically completed in the first half of the procurement, in accordance…


The background of the rise of steel e-business

In recent years due to higher iron ore prices, plus the iron and steel industry overcapacity, a significant decline in the profitability of the iron and steel enterprise, listed companies in steel sales year after year. Steel market prices go from bad to worse, the steel industry has entered a meager profit era, the development…

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Mexico decides anti-dumping duties against Chinese hot rolled steel plate

A public announcement on June 9, the Mexican ministry of economic affairs, decided to continue to originally from China, Germany and France hot rolled steel plate (product id number is: 72083601, 72083701, 72083801, 72083901, 72083801, 72083901 and 72253099) anti-dumping investigation, and 72.16% to 72.16% on Chinese imports of the provisional anti-dumping duty. Preliminary decision comes…

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U.S. Zinc company announced expanded China Zinc oxide production

U.S.Z inc. announced on May 20, 2015 Chinese changshu zno expansion project is initiated. Expansion is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2016. The whole expansion project, including increased facilities, new employees and new equipment, will make an annual output of 9000 tons of can increase of zinc oxide. Capacity expansion will…

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The seal of the tinplate box very well

We all know that tin case commonly known as tin, tin box, which is made of tin cans. Tin is the tin on the surface of the iron cross, in order to protect. In general, for the sake of exquisite packaging, printed tinplate cans will adopt, commonly known as the printing tins. Another tin case…

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Huge investment opportunities in Latin American steel field

As China and Latin American countries have the upgrading of strategic cooperation, the new wave of a wave of investment will be swept across Latin American countries, the region’s infrastructure, railways, mining and other fields will release the steel demand, to provide good opportunities for other iron and steel enterprise’s investment. First of all, Latin…


Latin American steel imports increasing year by year

Latin American steel imports are increasing. In fact, become the main parts of steel export destination in Latin America, the exporting countries including China, India, Russia and Turkey. In 2013, the amount of steel imports from China accounted for 36% of total imported steel in Latin America. That same year, Latin American steel imports account…