tin can for beer

Tin can for beer

Diebels German beer company in order to remain competitive in the market, realize the innovation of packaging can stimulate beer sales, but also can bring value-added features to consumers. The packaging of a diameter of 180 mm to 240 mm high. Inner coating through food certification gold paint, after consumers drink it can be used…


Turkish steel prices continues to decline

Since this year, Turkey’s overall economic growth is slowing, domestic political uncertainty continues to increase, brought negative influence to the development of the steel market, in addition, August influenced by international currency fluctuations, market share price erosion of local resources, steel mills in Dutch, steel internal selling price and export quotations are dropped. Thermal aspects:…

steel production line

Steel PMI rose to 44.7%

From union steel logistics professional committee survey, released by the steel industry PMI index, continuation of the rally in July in August, at 44.7%, up 3.7% last month. But the steel industry PMI has 17 consecutive months in 50% from below, shows the status quo of the boom of the iron and steel industry downturn…

RMB Exchange Rate

The CNY exchange rate slightly affect foreign trade

In view of the recent median price of their currency against the us dollar depreciation, commerce ministry spokesman said recently spoke, the normal adjustment of RMB exchange rate, the impact on foreign trade co., LTD. The spokesman pointed out that since the end of last year, the RMB against the U.S. dollar parity with the…

tinplate productions

National steel inventories continued to decline

National steel stocks continued to decline in the near future, steel market is quite lively, a wave after wave of good news, will be the enthusiasm of the steel market again and again to a climax, constantly stimulate steel buyers’ nerves. In late July, the national steel inventories continued to decline, the market supply and…

RMB Exchange Rate

Depreciation to stimulate China’s steel exports have limited impact

China’s central bank, improve the RMB exchange rate parity prices continue to cause reactions, the yuan against the us dollar devaluation on two consecutive days, thousands of above, the market expected the yuan may have a trend decline. It is good for China’s steel exports, but it seems to stimulate exports limited impact. Overseas traders…

tianjin blast

Tianjin blast effects on port iron ore operations

On 12 August 22 at 52, tianjin binhai new area and tianjin port 7 clamp door red sea international logistics company dangerous goods warehouse, container yard fires and explosions. Explosion is tianjin red sea international logistics co., LTD., dangerous goods warehouse, container yard, reasons unknown. 22 about fire, rescue forces into the fire, but then…

steel production

Malaysia steel industry development is not optimistic

Malaysia steel production capacity is insufficient, mainly produce low-margin goods steel, in addition labor costs increase resulting in a decline in ma steel industry comprehensive competitive capability. As Malaysia push international trade freedom and justice, and the protection of the domestic steel industry to obtain less and less in Malaysia, in the face of an…

CSPI steel price index

China’s steel demand growth may fall to zero

Japanese economy industry, a senior fellow at the institute of root tianjin saburo said, the current situation of China’s steel industry with the Japanese steel industry from 1973 to 1975, there are a lot of in common, are all in from double-digit economic growth to halve the excessive level stage. Root tianjin according to the…

new environmental law and steel

steel exports increased by 20% in July

Under the background of exhaustion of export as a whole, China’s steel products continue to expand sales abroad. The general administration of customs on the weekend, according to the data published in July 2015 China’s exports of steel 9.73 million tons, from the previous month an increase of 840000 tons, up 20.7%; July 1 –…