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Coal and steel enterprises have a earlier holiday

Starting from the middle of January, the domestic steel mills in blast furnace overhaul and stewing furnace has spread the news. Near the Spring Festival, disguised their production and production phenomenon not only appear in the steel industry, many coal enterprises also start off early, a long vacation. In fact, the coal and steel enterprise…

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The identity of the composition of the system and the annealing process

High strength automobile steel can be divided into three generation: the first generation represented by TRIP steel, represented by TWIP steel of the second generation, represented by Q&P steel of the third generation of steel. Identity in addition to meet the conventional properties such as strength, plasticity index, and some character index requirements: such as…

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Thailand adjust PPGI anti-dumping tax rate in China

Thailand’s ministry of commerce said recently that ended on imports from China and South Korea galvanized and aluminized zinc coating plate volume as well as imports from China and Taiwan unvarnished aluminium zinc steel plate a review of anti-dumping tax rate, and make adjustment to the anti-dumping tax rate. On January 10, 2013, the Thai…

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The importance of processing before plating

Plating pretreatment in electroplating production line is very crucial step in the electroplating process, the stand or fall of base material surface treatment directly affects the quality of the coating, so dealing with before electroplating processing is quite seriously. In this paper, the surface state of various factors affecting the quality of coating, electroplating production…

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Ultrasonic cleaning technology in the processing before plating

Using produce cavitation effect of ultrasound in liquid, can remove the oil from the surface of workpiece, cooperate with the appropriate cleaning agent, the workpiece surface can quickly achieve high cleanliness. Electroplating process, the workpiece surface cleanliness requirements higher, and ultrasonic cleaning technology is an ideal technology can meet the requirement. The use of ultrasonic…


Chemical polishing processing before plating

In electroplating production line, a series of pretreatment before electroplating workpiece are in order to get a better coating, the chemical polishing processing before the whole, also is very important in the following we came to know about the chemical polishing processing before plating. Chemical polishing is to point to in a suitable solution, do…

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Water is a relatively simple electroplating method

Water for electroplating process is relatively simple, from electroplating equipment to environment were not vacuum ion plating demanding, which is widely used. Generally applicable to ABS, ABS + PC material products. Is the main process would need to electroplating products in the chemical plating solution on plating. Because after plating product its remarkable increase of…

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Six factors before metal surface electric galvanized

In order to improve the hardness on the surface of the metal material, we need to electric galvanized metal surface treatment technology, in order to let the metal in the process of electric galvanized get safety operation, we need to pay attention to in the process of operation six items, the detailed content has the…

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Food grade electrolytic tinplate act strong

Scale plate company around the market demand, in order to benefit maximization as the goal, to accelerate new product development, formed a batch of new product market competitiveness. Since this year, 10 to complete the new product development, to reach the new product sales of nearly 100000 tons. By strengthening market research and communication with…

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Iron ore prices collapse

Because there are signs that began last year bear market further to run, iron ore prices to record the biggest one-month drop since may of last year, because of China’s steel production, before the New Year holiday and major producers to increase supplies. Metal communications co., Ltd. (Metal Bulletin Ltd.), according to the data provided…