European tinplate packaging recovery rate reaches 74%

European Steel Packaging Association (APEAL) published the latest issue of “modern steel packaging” is mentioned, in 2012, 260 million tons of steel packaging is recycled to produce new steel products, reaching an average recovery rate of 74% in Europe, recoveries higher than all other mainstream packaging materials. Steel is still the highest in Europe, the…

steel price trend

Steel may have a technical rebound next week

Fluctuations in futures this week, the largest iron ore and steel, both fell. Iron ore, the main opening 627 yuan / ton, the closing price of 585 / ton, the settlement price drop of 6.85%. Main rebar opened at 2943 yuan / ton, the highest price is this week, followed by tinplate steel all the…

tianjin ppgi for roof

Tianjin PPGI price steady rise

News on the 16th Tianjin: Tianjin PPGI mainstream market steady run, some private color plant raised prices. Prices as of press time, galvanized coil, 1.0mm * 1250 * C Shougang no flowers reported 4380 yuan / ton; 1.0mm Tangshan Iron and Steel Resources reported 4370 yuan / ton; Angang has spent with the specifications offer…


Indian steel prices continue to promote the expansion

India’s JSW Steel Corporation recently announced that the next 10 years will spend $ 22 billion expansion, to 2015 is currently 14.3 million tons of crude steel production capacity will be expanded to 40 million tons, in order to maintain 13% -14% market share. According to the Indian government‘s vision plan, in 2025 crude steel…

sinolight group meeting

SINILIGHT Group Party held a central study group meeting

August 18, in SINOLIGHT Group party held central study group (enlarged) meeting, party secretary, presided over the meeting, Chairman Chen Esheng Light Building conference room in second day of hospital WANG Wan-xu Group’s president made ​​a presentation entitled “Day chemicals and surfactants “lecture, group of outside directors, leadership team members, middle-level cadres, the major subordinate…

shanghai tin plate price

Shanghai tin plate: stable prices as the main theme

Shanghai market price of tin plate running smoothly. As of press time the mainstream market price Meishan Steel 0.20mm * 815mm offer for 6670 yuan / ton, Meishan Steel 0.23mm * 800mm offer 6600 yuan / ton, Baosteel 0.25mm * 800mm offer 6900 yuan / ton, Baosteel 0.30mm * 930mm offer 6500 yuan / t,…