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Tinplate cans inside coating

Tinplate cans container surface coating, is in the tin before cutting into the body block, with a proper coating roller coating machine will be painted on the tinplate smooth surface evenly, can control the thickness of coating. The coating machine by itself independently with the feeding device of coating operation, can also be associated with…

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Several common automatic electroplating production line

Electroplating factory in our country there are several common automatic electroplating production line, gantry type automatic straight line, circular vertical lift line, barrel plating production line, plastic electroplating automatic production line, etc. Linear gantry production line: Linear characteristic of the gantry electroplating production line adopts for gantry crane lifting electroplating parts (with hanging fixture pole…

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Eliminate excess capacity in jiangsu project 121

By the ministry of industry and approved by the letter committee of jiangsu province, jiangsu province last year four industry overcapacity dissolve and 10 industry relatively low capacity elimination mission complete, some businesses have overfulfilled. This is the two years in advance of jiangsu province in 2013 to complete the “twelfth five-year” national behind the…

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International steel market ready to rise

Although, 3 months ago and hong kong-listed international is still relatively flat. The weather warms up, but there are already signs that demand increasing, ore price near bottom, currency is wide, and many other positive factors are accumulated. Therefore believe that the international steel market or early in the second quarter wave more rallies. Moody’s…

iron ore

Will Iron ore prices fall again

With the deepening of the adjustment of industrial structure, steel, and soaring demand for iron ore has not appeared, and under the background of increasing miners ore supply, don’t rule out the possibility of iron ore tonnage price dropped to $40 to 50. Experts predict that in the first quarter ore imports or to 230…

china steel exporting

Hebei steel export quantity goes top in China last year

From the province at the annual meeting of the key industries information release by the league has learned that in 2014, crude steel, steel, pig iron steel industry in hebei province completed 185.3034 million tons, 239.9524 million tons and 239.9524 million tons. Compared with the same period last year, a 0.6% drop in crude steel,…

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Jiangsu ironmaking investment fell by 75% in 2014

Information release, relevant departments in jiangsu province in 2014, the province in strict accordance with the state council “about resolving contradictions of severe overcapacity guidelines” requirements, dissolve the contradiction severe overcapacity has achieved initial success. Jiangsu province to promote neutralising the effect of severe overcapacity contradiction mainly reflects the change of investment in industry production.…

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The central bank twice cut interest rates in March Steel mills cost pressure

Central bank announced that since March 1, 2015 one-year loans to financial institutions benchmark interest rate by 0.25% to 5.35%, and benchmark one-year deposit interest rate by 0.25% to 2.5%, and combining with the reform of interest rate marketization, the financial institutions deposit rate floating range limit by 1.2 times of the benchmark deposit rate…

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Italy became the main Chinese steel importer in EU 2014

In 2014, Italy became the eu’s main steel importer in China, Chinese steel imports more than 150 150 tons, the other is a country imports more than 150 tons of Belgium, but its imports are still relatively less in Italy in 4000 tons. Among them, in December 2014, Italian for China resources purchase quantity is…

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The steel industry to speed up improvements

In charge of the China iron and steel association, said recently that the current world economy is still in the international financial crisis after the outbreak of the depth adjustment, this year’s world economic growth rate may be improved slightly, but overall recovery weakness to have obvious change, the international financial market volatility, commodity price…