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Steel mill acceptance will limit coke pricing

According to people familiar with the matter to the futures daily reporter revealed that the shanxi JiaoXie meeting on November 5, suggested an increase in the price of coke November coking enterprises. In addition, the proposed coke enterprises to guard against capital risk, change the method of payment, reduce cod ratio, increase the advance payment.…

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Mexico canced China’s high-speed rail bidding results

According to agence france-presse reported on November 7, 7, local time, the Mexican government suddenly announced that cancelled, led by China railway construction international consortium wins the bid to the queretaro in Mexico City’s high-speed rail project. According to the report, Mexico’s transport minister GerardoRuizEsparza told Mexico’s Televisa, CNN said Mexico’s President, Mr “for a…


Iron ore will be a substantial downward fluctuation

In October, affected by the macro-economic downward pressure, steel demand is still relatively slow, the iron ore market oversupply situation did not change, price fluctuations are running situation. As the weather turns cold, late limit production measures factors during the APEC meeting, is on the decline in demand for iron ore, iron ore prices will…

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China’s stainless steel exporting been resisted

This year in China stainless steel products export value broke over the years has been falling, falling, and negative growth, realize the rally, local governments, stainless steel products industry association and enterprise, in-depth investigation, understand the enterprise production the gap with foreign technology standards, overall industry quality control action, and guarantee the quality of stainless…

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worries behind the steel exporting

In the first three quarters of China’s steel exports increased significantly, at the same time, China’s exports to several Asian countries enjoy preferential taxation policy, amount of steel sparked criticism. They think that Chinese steel mills with the advantages of export tax rebate policy cheap sales excess steel. Countries such as India’s steel mills, said…

China Steel Exporting

Domestic steel market downturn to overseas as a lifeline

Since this year, China’s steel prices continue to fall, has reached its lowest level in nearly 10 years. Steel overcapacity and tepid demand, steel market dealers to bring unprecedented pressure. In the face of the domestic steel market continues to weaken, many domestic steel manufacturers began to abroad, hoping to open up an outlet in…

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Steel shares financial expenses are still on the rise

Three quarterly reports of listed companies are disclosed. Although since 2014, the relative to the liquidity tight period last year, the market interest rates have plunged, however, as a representative of the “assets” of steel and coal shares, financial costs have continued to rise. The iron and steel industry, in contrast, profits have improved, but…

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Japan tinplate packaging market development trend

Although tinplate packaging increasingly rich and more consumer preference canned canned drinks boost Japan’s industrial, but tinplate packaging market prospects in recent years has been very dull. When demand for canned gradually rising steadily, tinplate cans is in a state of decline. The tinplate packaging only stronghold is in the place where it cannot be…

tinplate price trend

Japanese steelmakers to improve tin export prices

It is reported that the Japanese steelmakers recently in the first quarter of 2015 tin export price negotiations with Asian buyers. Since the third quarter of this year fell by $5 / ton, Japan tin export manufacturers hope that in the first quarter of next year to promote export price $20 per ton. The market…

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China PPGI coil prices will be weaker now

Since the middle of October, in addition to manufacture volume, other major varieties of steel prices in the domestic market has ushered in a wave of the rally. Among them, the rebar prices rise 100 yuan/ton to 150 yuan/ton. Hot rolled plate and thick plate in price gains, although is not big, but also is…